Welcome to OSR TRUST
A small initiative by us that is sure to prove a giant leap to the mankind…….
We Aim Towards Making India a Pooja-Waste Free Nation!
India is a land of religious minded people. Thousands of devotees from all across the nation throng the temples everyday and likely to dispose off pooja waste into the nearby rivers. Some of these pollutants are highly dangerous and cost dearly to the living beings. With an aim to cure this menace and to make India a pooja-waste free nation, OSR charitable trust has come into being.
With the grace of God, we have successfully converted and recycled pooja waste materials into the useful things that can be put in to use again. We are committed to keep the nation neat and clean specially the premises of the temples where tons of items are disposed under the religious trees or dumped along side. This is hazardous to the animals that feed on them. Apart from this, dumping of pooja waste also causes environment pollution and spread of several diseases.
A healthy nation means a happy nation. Our charitable trust is in the mission to make India a better and a clean religious place by taking care of all the safe and useful disposal of pooja waste. Mr. Ajit Kumar Johri is the Settler and Mr. Vinod Kumar Gupta is the Trustee of OSR. Both are hopeful to make this mission a complete success with the co-operation of devotees.
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